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Diptyque Candles: A Few Tips Before Buying

Diptyque Candles via Sarenabee.com

If there’s a product I can always shell out my money for: it’s a good candle. No justification needed. There’s something special about a new candle from the way it looks to the way it smells. Especially if its from one of my favorite brands: Diptyque. Yes, I’m sure you’ve heard of the ‘designer’ candle. You see it practically in everyones Instagram or Blog photos as of lately.

Here’s a simple guide on how I’ve acquired my collection, as I get a lot of questions about it. First off, Diptyque candles are such a simple black and white design, so if you don’t like them – I’d suggest quit reading here. With that being said, they’re mighty expensive, but smell amazing! The photo below is from a set of 5 mini candles that I purchased from the Nordstrom Sale this past month. If you’re uncertain on which scent to splurge on, mini candles are a great option.

Diptyque Candles via Sarenabee.com

Standard Glass Candles are $64 for 6.5oz
Burn Time: 60 Hours
Available in multiple scents: floral, fruity, herbal, woody, spicy
Personal favorites: Vanille, Mimosa, Baies and Roses

Mini Glass Candles are $34 for 3.2oz
Burn Time: 20 Hours
Available in multiple scents and you can make your own assortment

Colored Glass Candles are $90 for 10.2oz
Burn Time: 90 Hours
Available in Tubereuse, Baies, Figuier, Feu do Bois, Ambre

Large Indoor/Outdoor 5-wick Candle $295 for 51.2 oz
Burn Time: 190 hours
Available in Baies, Figuier, Tubereuse, Feu de Bois and 34 Boulevard Saint Germain

Diptyque Candles via Sarenabee.com

Like the majority of the internet world, I love to repurpose these jars. When I first started buying them though, I was throwing them away after I was finished. It was only until I saw a few fellow bloggers using them for q-tips, brushes and other bits and bobs that I decided to keep them. They look great for photos and organize the inside of my cabinets.

A lot of times my candles do not get a completely clean burn, which can be caused by ‘candle tunneling.’ Trust me, I didn’t know what that meant either. Essentially its when the candle does not burn evenly through, and creates divots in the candle, which causes burn marks on the sides of your glass jar. It can also happen when the wick is not trimmed short enough. Who knew there was a whole craft to burning a candle? To clean and repurpose, I like to use warm water and dish soap on the interior of the glass. It helps to soften the wax so I can peel it off. I always work away from the sticker portion of the Diptyque label, so that I do not let it fall off. They’re pretty durable though. On the stubborn black marks, I have used a magic clean eraser, which does a great job.

I usually purchase my Diptyque Candles through SpaceNK, as they give me reward points toward my next purchase. That’s how I purchased my large Outdoor/Indoor 5-wick candle. I choose the scent Figuier. After I’m finished burning through it, which will be in about a century – the jar will be perfect for a bouquet of flowers or as decor on my bookshelf!

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