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Glossier: To Buy or Not To Buy?

Glossier Makeup - Stretch Concealer and Boy Brow Makeup Review via Sarenabee.com

I recently discovered the new makeup and skincare brand, Glossier – and I am sure you have too, by now. Glossier seems to be this cult beauty brand, which is popping up everywhere. Not to mention the minimal white packaging makes for great photos. It’s the type of makeup you can wear when you really do not want anyone to think you’re actually wearing makeup. It’s simplistic and on-the-go. For that, Glossier is definitely worth it.

While searching the website, I was really uncertain on what to put in my cart. I have heard great things about the super serums and the “phase” products. I was going to pick up the Phase 2 Set which gives three essentials – a brow, a concealer and a lip. Then I though, “oh maybe the Black Tie Set. Or how about the Phase 1 Set.  No no, what about the Four Flavored Balm Dotcoms? How about everything?” Before I knew it, I had almost the entire collection in my cart, pink pouches included. I slowly stepped back from my computer when reality sunk it, “do I really need another lip product or face serum?” The answer was no, I don’t. Not until I do a thorough clean-out of my makeup drawers. (More on that later)  So I ended up just simply purchasing the Boy Brow in Brown and the Stretch Concealer in Light. It was a good amount to get my hands dirty and test, considering I was just a Glossier newbie.

Glossier Makeup - Stretch Concealer and Boy Brow Makeup Review via Sarenabee.com

The shipping was quick, I ordered on a Thursday and a three business days later I was unboxing my goodies at my door. Now, for all my international readers, be warned: the real bummer is that they are only shipping to the USA. So I can’t refill when I get back to Ireland. I guess this is a perk of having two addresses. I think this will most likely change and become an international phenomenon, but due to high demands, I can see why they’re only available stateside at the moment. In other words, you’d better suck up to your second-aunt-twice-removed in order for her to forward these products overseas.

Glossier Makeup - Stretch Concealer and Boy Brow Makeup Review via Sarenabee.com

Now onto the goods! Like I said, I only walked away with two products and I will admit I wish I had gotten more. The quality of the makeup is exactly what you are paying for. It’s worth it. The Boy Brow is being raved about all over beauty blogs, which is what intrigued me to pick it up in the first place. I am not a person to over-draw my brows or pay them any attention besides the simple shaping with my Tweezermans. I feel like I resemble a clown with giant slugs on my face if they’re not done just right. The brown shade is great for me, as I am a dark brunette. And the wand formula is hands down my favorite way to brush a little color and thicken up my eyebrows. It’s a creamy formula which does not stiffen or get hard and flake after wearing. It does last all day.

Glossier Makeup - Stretch Concealer and Boy Brow Makeup Review via Sarenabee.com

The Stretch Concealer in Light is the other bad-boy I bought. I was torn between the Light and Medium, unsure what would be the best option. (Am I the only one who finds it hard to pick different shades online?) I went for the lighter alternative, because a glowy concealer is never a bad thing, especially under the eyes. This concealer is a buildable one, meaning: use a little or a lot. I find that extremely handy in a product.  The Stretch Concealer doesn’t cake into my skin either. Its a very smooth and creamy product without the need to blend too much. There are 5 shades in this particular product, which makes it easier to narrow your scope.

After checkout, I signed up for emails, which was a good idea or bad idea… That is yet to be discovered. You can use my code here to get 20% off of your next purchase. I just thought it would be beneficial for anyone that is considering making their first purchase with Glossier. Have you tried their goods? Tell me or tweet me!

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