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Staple Pieces From Dior Beauty

A Few Staple Pieces from Dior Beauty via Sarenabee.com

This past week I had the absolute pleasure of stopping by the Dior makeup counter in Nordstrom. I spotted a few things on their website, so I wanted to go in and swatch some pieces of their collection! In doing so, I found a lot of products I had to purchase and learned so much more about the Dior brand.

For the past year, as you probably know, I have been loving their foundations. I usually reach for the Diorskin Star Fluid Foundation. I’ve spoken about it before, which you can find here. It’s been such a great color match. However now that I’ve been in the Florida sunshine, my pale-white-no-sun-living-in-Ireland-face now has it’s natural glow back! I no longer reach for the 022 Cameo, but have moved two shades darker to the 030 Medium Beige. I have only been wearing this new color for three weeks and several people have noticed how flawless the foundation looks. Maybe they’re just noticing how much better I’ve been taking care of my skin. But regardless, I couldn’t rave about this foundation more. Once I put it on, it feels and looks weightless.

A Few Staple Pieces from Dior Beauty via Sarenabee.com

As I was searching through the products, I found myself speaking to Ella. Hands down she’s the best and friendliest sales associate at the Nordstrom counters! We chatted makeup for over an hour and I tried a few products I would not normally reach for. Ella was trying to convince me to try out to the Diorskin Airflash Foundation. I know it has been around awhile, but there’s something about a spray can that I just couldn’t see myself getting on board with. Literally (airlplanes). After a bit of conversation, I decided to try it. First she applied the Dior Airflash CC Primer (Radiance Booster Color Correcting Primer). It’s purpose was to color correct and even out skin tone. Just a general overall brightness. She sprayed a bit onto her Dior Fluid Foundation Brush, no. 12 and began working it all over my face in circular motions. Any brush will do, just don’t spray it directly onto your face. After that she went in with the Diorskin Airflash Spray Foundation. She misted it onto the same brush and started to apply. It is a long lasting formula that covers the face entirely, but also looks natural. It also photographs well for all of your selfie needs! The foundation was very light, more so than the Diorskin Star Fluid Foundation. I guess there’s something about foundation being in a spray can that reminds me of summer. It also felt cooling as it was being brushed into my skin, which I quite enjoyed!

A Few Staple Pieces from Dior Beauty via Sarenabee.com

I’ve been seeing lip products pop up recently that have solved the dry/flaky problem. Especially after using matte lipstick. Whilst browsing around, I also spotted the Dior Addict Lip Sugar Scrub. I’m always on the lookout for an exfoliator to help me get rid of some dead skin. I’ve been a long time fan of the Lip Glow, and it looked exactly like that packaging. The Lip Sugar Scrub is an exfoliating sweet balm that can be used on it’s own or layered with something else. What I have found myself doing is swiping a bit of it on after my morning skincare routine and then applying the rest of my makeup leaving the lips for last. The sugar particles usually disappear; they’re not noticeable and I just layer over them. The Lip Glow is great to follow it up with, or any lip product you fancy. If I’ve been wearing lipstick all day, my lips tend to feel dry, so I use it right before I go to sleep and wake up with soft, exfoliated lips.

A Few Staple Pieces from Dior Beauty via Sarenabee.com

I then rolled onto the Fusion Mono Eyeshadow range. There are only about 6 different shades and they’re so dreamy! All of the shadows create a multi-dimensional light-reflecting shimmer, it was hard to hold back and just choose one. They have an amazing mousse-gel texture, sort of if you’d just sprayed Fix+ to your ordinary shadow for that oomph, while not feeling wet. I ended up purchasing the Météore shade. Météore is a warm, shimmering copper. Inside the box, a foam applicator is enclosed, but I prefer to use my finger or an eyeshadow brush. It lasts all day without fall out and can be worn on its own for a beautiful quick eyeshadow look, or blended with other shadows.

If you saw on my Instagram Stories, I also attended the Spring Beauty Show at Nordstrom. It was basically a fun little get together with a bunch of beauty lovers to find out about the new launches from several brands. Afterwards we were able to go and play with makeup and I got a lovely complimentary manicure. For those of you asking, the nail polish I picked was in the shade Junon by Dior.

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