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The Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette

It’s been about two weeks since I managed to get my hands on the Naked Heat Palette and it’s literally a dream. It is all I’ve been wearing since I bought it. Now, if you haven’t heard or seen the new Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette then you really need to get out more! It’s not a product that I’d normally rush out to go purchase, but I saw it sitting on a shelf in Sephora and thought I’d give it a little swatch. I was so impressed that I could not just leave it there.

The Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette Review via Sarenabee.com

There have been a bunch of different Naked Palettes released and I’ve never actually owned or tried any of them. However this one was different. It features 12 shades that are pushing the burnt orange and red colors. Again, not something I typically go for, but after the Renaissance Palette, anything is possible. There are a mix of mattes and shimmers (seven matte shades and five shimmers).

The Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette Review via Sarenabee.com

A quick rundown of the colors are as followed:

Ounce: creamy ivory color with a light shimmer.

Chaser: light flesh tone matte.

Sauced: red-toned terra cotta matte shade.

Low Blow: yellow-y brownish matte.

Lumbre: golden, rose-gold pearly duo chrome shade.

He Devil: burnt-red matte.

Dirty Talk: metallic burnt red with a high-shine.

Scorched: deep red metallic mixed with a rosy copper.

Cayenne: warm chocolate matte.

En Fuego: deep burgundy matte.

Ashes: deep brown with a hint of red matte.

Embre: deep copper with a slight bit of purple metallic duo-chrome.

The Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette Review via Sarenabee.com

In the long of it, I’m a fan. Hands down. It cost a whopping $54 and is a palette I would gladly repurchase over and over again. I’ve gotten so many looks out of the colors, so I have zero complaints at all. Maybe except for the brush, I never use that thing. Clearly there’s hype around it and it was something I definitely did not need, but now that I have it – I can’t see myself giving it up. I know it will be one that I reach for on the daily.

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