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Beauty Haul: Chanel

Chanel Beauty Haul Sarenabee

Hi! I’m so excited getting ready for our trip this weekend, but before I go – I just wanted to share a few recent products I picked up on my last trip to the store. I have always been in favor of MAC cosmetics, but lately I’ve been discovering better quality and longer lasting makeup elsewhere. I mean, I’m always changing my beauty rituals. Today I have experimented with Chanel. ❤ Pictured above are two mascaras, a primer, and a nail polish.

Pictured above is the Chanel Le Blanc Illuminating Base. This is my first full bottle face primer purchase. I have used plenty from other brands in the sample sizes. To be completely honest, I’m not even sure this is a primer. It doesn’t seem to make my makeup last longer. It’s a mix between a moisturizer and a base layer. At first it is a little scary – it looked like I was squirting elmers glue onto the back of my hand. Once applied, it takes a few minutes to soak in. I usually wait about 10 minutes or longer before applying my foundation. The smell is lovely, but it was not exactly what I had in mind. On the flip side, I purchased two mascaras, Chanel Le Volume, in Black and Brown. Or as they call them, Nior and Ecorces. They apply to the lashes really nicely, and I don’t find myself getting clumps of mascara stuck to the eye. The wand itself is made of nice fibers, as I’d expect from a high quality brand. I would recommend using these! Lastly is the nail polish. The color pictured above is Tenderly. I am a huge fan of their polish! I’ll post some product shots when I get a chance.

Any suggestions of what else I should try? I’ll update you on my whereabouts when I get to the airport!


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