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Diptyque: Fragrance Favorites

diptyque flatlay sarenabee beauty

Hi! I caught up with the Diptyque craze, but before I get into that, I wanted to mention something exciting. Yesterday, I received news that was nominated for TWO categories in the Irish Blog Awards for 2016! I am so extremely thrilled, its not even funny. My blog was placed in the beauty category and the lifestyle category! There are a bunch of great bloggers involved and I’m honored to be mentioned with them. Voting started yesterday, (running until August 23rd) and I’d be so happy if you would vote for my blog! You can do so here!


diptyque flatlay sarenabee beauty

Anyhow, I was gifted my first product, which got me hooked. Pictured above is the Eau de Toilette Florabellio fragrance in 100ml. Its a bit pricey, but well worth it. I went through all of the scents in the Diptyque aisle and chose this one! I fell in love with its lightweight and fresh mix of florals. It has tones of apple blossoms mixed with apricot and fennel. I was reading online to make sure my facts were straight, and it says that there is also a concoction of sea salt, coffee and toasted sesame. But whatever the mix, its my favorite  fragrance to reach to.

diptyque flatlay sarenabee beauty

A few weeks later, I went and picked up the Eau Plurielle in 200ml. I was doing a bit of research and noticed its a multi-purpose spray. It is great on both skin and fabric! I love having my home smelling great, so in the alternative of lighting candles constantly, I used this. It is a a mixture of roses, musk, wood and cedar. It lasts quite awhile on fabric, and is light on the skin. For those not wanting to spend as much on Diptyque, this would be a great alternative to start.

Have you seen Diptyque posted all over Instagram? I bet you’ll notice the candles, even empty, a lot more now! Whats your favorite scent?



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