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Tata Harper: The Multi-Masking Collection

Tata Harper Beauty Multi-Masking Collection Sarenabee

Hi all! Hope you’ve had a peaceful week, mine was extremely hectic. My birthday was this week – so I just wanted to say thanks so much for all the kind wishes and messages I received. I had a really great day, but it was quite long. I was gifted a few things during the week, and thought this Tata Harper review would be fitting. After the stress of the week, it was nice to unwind and pamper myself.

I know, masks. They’re so in right now in the beauty world. The amount of face mask options these days are sometimes overwhelming. There are masks to tighten skin, to firm skin, to clear skin, to brighten skin – this list goes on! All of the choices could be confusing, so when Tata Harper sent me this Multi-Masking Collection, I knew I had the best of all worlds. This collection features three one-ounce jars which include the Resurfacing Mask, Purifying Mask, and the Honey Blossom Mask. Each one of the jars do something completely different, however you can cleverly use all three at the same time to target specific issues.

Tata Harper Multi-Masking Collection via

The Resurfacing Mask: this mask is for instant glow leaving the skin feeling smooth and fresh. After a stressful week or a long flight, its perfect for a boost! The size of this jar in the collection is small, so its easy to bring for travel. Tata Harper does sell this product on its own. It can be found here. To use, apply a generous amount over the entire face and neck. Leave for about 15-30 minutes and rinse throughly with warm water. Immediately, you’ll notice the effects of this mask. No wonder why it’s award winning!

The Purifying Mask: this mask fights visible signs of aging caused by environmental stressors on the skin’s appearance by eliminated surface buildup and impurities, while minimizing the look of pores. Its got a very natural smell, which is enjoyable and not too overpowering. When applying the mask, it also had a cooling property to it. My face could definitely feel the mask working its magic. After removing it, my skin was extremely soft. Like baby soft. To use, apply over the entire face and neck. Leave on for about 15-30 minutes and remove with cold water. It also can be purchased alone here.

The Honey Blossom Mask: this mask is a limited edition product. It was brought back by popular demand. Its an exclusive version of Tata Harpers award-winning Resurfacing Mask. What makes it so special? Well, it is formulated with Vermont-harvested raw honey which provides an extra boost of hydration to eliminate the appearance of dullness and gives your skin a refreshed look. Also, each jar is labeled on the lid with a special edition number. You can pick this up here!

Tata Harper Beauty Multi-Masking Skincare Sarenabee

I also received the Boosted Contouring Eye Mask. This product is heart eyes for days!! The eye mask smooths and depuffs delicate eye skin without the use any chemicals or artificial ingredients. FYI: it does not sting when put near your precious eyeballs. It makes your skin around the eyes feel smoother and gives the appearance of younger looking eyes. Who wouldn’t want that? The cream is thick and white. It smells botanical and is very calming. To use, lather it around the eye and let it sit for about 10-20 minutes. You don’t have to wash it off after this, you just need to remove the excess by blotting off with a tissue. You’ll be thrilled at the difference in the appearance. The Boosted Contouring Eye Cream can be purchased here.

Tata Harper Boosted Eye Cream Mask Sarenabee

All of the products in Tata Harpers line are 100% natural and nontoxic. The products are produced and packaged on an organic farm in Vermont. [My favorite state to go snowboarding.] The packaging of the brand is gorgeous and feels luxurious just holding it. It stands out on my shelf in my bathroom, so I’ll always be grabbing for it first. The Multi-Masking Collection, Boosted Contouring Eye Mask and other products by Tata Harper can be found here! If you’d like to check out their pretty photographs on Instagram: click here. PS: you can also purchase at your local Sephora.

Do you use Tata Harper in your skincare routine? What are your thoughts on this mask collection?


*The Tata Harper Multi-Masking Collection and Boosted Contouring Eye Mask products were gifted to me for my consideration.

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