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Beauty Haul: Lancôme


I’m finally back in action after being away on holiday and being sick. I wanted to give a quick review to a new product I’ve been using for the past twelve days, while I was away. A lot of bloggers lately have been chatting about Lancome’s new Energie De Vie range, so I figured I’d give it a go! I purchased the Smoothing & Glow Boosting Liquid Care. I’m liking it so much that I am putting in an order for the Overnight Recovery Sleeping Mask as well!

I really didn’t think my daily lotion routine for my face was that important, but after using it everyday for twelve days, I really have noticed softer and smoother skin. My skin feels so hydrated. I only need 2-3 pumps and it soaks in right away. After its soaked in, it doesn’t leave behind a greasy feeling. (I HATE feeling like I am cake-ing on my makeup or moisturizers!) So far, it seems to be a great, lightweight lotion. However, I guess its not quite a liquid and its not quite a lotion. It’s a liquid moisturizer. Or a miracle potion, whatever you want to call it. [When I purchased the liquid care, I also received a free gift – Hydra Zen!]

I was a bit skeptical at first, because I always had an idea in my head that Lancome products were for the “moms” out there. Sorry, hope that is okay to post 😉 I never felt like I wanted to invest in ‘wrinkle serums’ and ‘anti-aging products,’ but I’m so glad I did. I’ll keep you posted on the Overnight Recovery Mask once it arrives!


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