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Tech: Altruis

altruis pendant sarenabee technology

Hi there!

I’m pretty excited about this technology piece I received! I have been trying to find a solution to not have my cellphone out with me at important functions, but to not miss important messages or calls. I sometimes find myself taking a peek at texts and emails at the worst times.This is where my new Cleopatra rose gold pendant comes into the story:

Altruis is a modular piece of smart jewelry from London. They refer to it as a digital detox! (And couldn’t we all use one of those?!) The concept is to stay connected without having our phones controlling our lives. It is absolutely a fashionable statement piece that can be worn with anything. I opted for the pendant, but they do offer a bracelet version as well as a ring.

There is an app you can download on your smartphone to connect your jewelry and manage what is really important. You are able to customize notifications from emails, texts, calls, WhatApp, and calendar notifications. A nice feature as well is that you are able to manage multiple profiles – for example a work vs. an everyday profile. You can allow notifications from co-workers and clients during work hours and personal messages during later hours. I just figured out that there is a keyword section too. Altruis is able to buzz us if a “keyword” is contained in your messages. The battery is low energy which means it can last for a couple weeks! Finally a piece of wearable-tech that doesn’t need an extra cord to be thrown into my purse!

altruis pendant rosegold sarenabee technology

They offer shipping worldwide and products can be found here! Check out there Instagram  for more updates about the ever-changing tech world!

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