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The Glowing Face Mask Edit

Glowing Skincare Face Mask Edit - SpaceNK Picks via Sarenabee.com

With all of the traveling I’ve been doing this month, it took a bit of time to catch up with you guys! I will say traveling has encouraged me to take extra care of my skin. I’ve found myself being way more cautious of dry and dehydrated skin. Honestly, there is something so enjoyable about a leave-on face mask. (I wouldn’t think my fiancé would agree when he sees me looking like a swamp monster) Now, don’t get me wrong – for the longest time I never used face masks. Didn’t like ’em! The thought of wiping thick-gooey liquid on my face and just leaving it there, while trying to not touch my face against anything or even answer a phone call whilst accidentally doing both really grossed me out. But that longest time has now gone, and I absolutely love them! I have tried so many types of masks, but below are a few new ones on the scene.

Glowing Skincare Face Mask Edit - SpaceNK Picks via Sarenabee.com

Eve Lom Rescue Mask: Don’t be distracted by this minimal tube – it packs a serious hydration punch. The Rescue Mask gently cleanses and clears pores without drying out the skin and is extremely calming. The Kaolin Clay inside is used to absorb and control excess oil and reduce puffiness, the Camphor is used to cool and Ground Almonds are used to gently exfoliate all while the Honey is actively working to condition and refine the skin. The smell is what had me a little skeptical, as it wasn’t very pleasant. However, this mask proved to be completely non-irritating on my skin type. The consistency is a bit thin, so I had to overly apply to make sure I covered my entire face. After about 30 minutes, I removed it with water. My face felt really heathy to be honest. I’d almost describe it as a matte finish, but I know that makes no sense, so I’ll say purified and balanced. I’ve used this mask several times in the past month and it is one that I keep reaching for. In my book, definitely a repurchase product.

Supermood Youth Glo The Babyface Mask: There is really not much out in terms of reviews about this Supermood brand yet, so I’m glad that I can give a first opinion. Supermood is a new holistic beauty brand from Finland (that in addition to natural cosmetics) contains edible, topical, and therapeutic beauty products. Now, I don’t think I will go around eating my skincare routine just yet, but I will say I was extremely happy with the results of the Babyface Mask. Unlike the other masks I’ve tried, this one smells very fresh. There’s something about the packaging that I really enjoy as well. The Babyface Mask is high in antioxidants and works to retain moisture in the skin for plump, hydrated and a glowing look. I’ve almost used this whole tube up, so its safe to say I will be keeping it around! I’m delighted with the results. It does actually live up to it’s name: Babyface.

REN Evercalm Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask: This mask is for anyone with sensitive skin, really. I normally have redness on my cheeks (which I hate) and depending on the day, my face will become extremely sensitive to certain products. This mask protected against that and did not irritate my face. It is supposed to combat redness and help strengthen and moisturize the skin. In fact, it did just that! I really enjoy that this mask comes in a pump. Maybe its just me, but sometimes I feel like its really awkward to squeeze out just enough product then screw the cap back on. Overall, on days where my skin is feeling more sensitive, I’ll be using this!

*The Eve Lom, Supermood and REN masks were gifted to me for my consideration by SpaceNK. You can shop these masks and many others by going to spacenk.com

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