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Hourglass Cosmetics: GIRL Lip Stylo

Hourglass Cosmetics: GIRL Lip Stylo Review via

There’s something about Hourglass Cosmetics that makes me a bit excited inside. Not only do I love the quality of their products, I also really enjoy the packaging. At the beginning of this year, they released a collection of 20 twist-up lipsticks. They are called the GIRL Lip Stylo. Immediately I fell in love. Each lipstick shade has a special name that represents positivity and being empowered. They vary, but are medium to medium-full coverage and are made with a shea butter, which makes them feel so soft and lightweight. I like them so much because of how moisturizing and comfortable they feel on the lips.

The first lip stylo I purchased was Peacemaker, back in January. Unfortunately for me – I misplaced it. However, what brought them back on my radar was when I made a purchase at Sephora and a mini-gift was a sample of Peacemaker. I found myself reaching for it every time I did my makeup. Since then I purchased two more lip stylo’s in the shades Activist and Futurist. They’re all nudes – what a surprise! The collection does include other options for the ladies that love a bolder lip color.

Peacemaker: peachy-nude beige

Activist: dusty-tone rose

Futurist: beige pink nude

Hourglass Cosmetics: GIRL Lip Stylo Review via

I appreciate the pointed tip which makes application easy. The packaging is ultra-slim and compact for popping into my handbags, where they all end up living. Once the pointed tip is used a few times, it turns into a bit of a nub, which for that – I’d suggest a lip liner for a more accurate application. The only downfall that I have with these is that there is a high percentage that you will get color transfer. They’re definitely worth swatching if you can try them out. I’m sure you’ll love them as much as me – especially if you like to easily apply lip color!

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