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Rewind: Year 2022

Amsterdam, Netherlands: Dutch Houses on the Water via

Sheesh, where to even begin? I don’t think I’ve picked up blogging in about two years and I’ve been way less active on social media – but I’m still around with the occasional post on Stories. I won’t get into reasons why I’ve been absent online, because I don’t really have one besides the dreaded words: time management.

I am working full-time at a new job now, which has been the best decision I’ve made in such a long time, no longer in the world of tech or marketing – but still getting to use my creative background to be involved with something great. I like to think that I’m still traveling as much as I used to – and while it’s fresh on the mind, I figured I’d make a few posts about my recent (two days home with jet-lag) trip back to the Netherlands. And if I’m feeling really spicy, I might add in a trip to NYC, Colorado and Miami. via United Polaris Business Class Travel

Let’s get stuck into it: I got so blessed to be able to travel over to Amsterdam twice this year. Once in April and again in November – along with a few other special trips. However, I am obsessed with everything Dutch, and likely I am writing a side piece as you read this on places to see/eat/adventure to. In the coming weeks, be on the lookout for those. The city is well-known for its past, the amazing canal system and the architecture of their iconic houses.

Getting around: Amsterdam has a really impressive public transportation system. They offer bikes, metros, trams, cabs, busses, ferries and trains to get around. When we go, we usually travel by OV-chipkaart – which offers flexibility and is seemingly cheaper than just plain euros. This trip I took the ferry for the first time, and it was free. Most locals use bikes to get around the city. And there’s honestly sooooo many. As a pedestrian, cyclists have the right of way & sneak up on you really quickly. All of the above said, I still prefer walking. You’ll find that most places are easily accessible by walking & you do get to see a lot of the sights.

Where to stay: Often times when people see that I’ve traveled to Amsterdam 15+ times, they ask where the best place to stay is. I can only personally recommend a handful of spots, because normally we stay outside the city with relatives.

What to do: There are a million places to visit and I could go on and on (I will go more in depth in other posts on specific spots) The places that I highly recommend (and have been to at least one or more times) are:

Amsterdam is a historic city full of culture that everyone should visit at least once in their lives. Or more! It is full of surprises around every canal and into every little street. There isn’t a prettier view than watching boats float along the canals of the city, on a crisp cool afternoon, while drinking a glass of wine. I can’t wait to get back there.

Amsterdam, Netherlands: Autumn Leaves via

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