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The Rewind of Year 2023 – Resolutions, maybe?

Not to anyones shock, it took yet another rotation of a year full of long days to get where I am writing again, today. Let’s be real are we shocked? It took me about 30 minutes of trying to remember my password from when I changed it when I last wrote in November of 2022. During that time, I looked through spam emails and unsubscribed to so many communications that I filtered to that very spam folder, ordered more dog food – and bingo – changed my password yet again, so I could log in. I changed it with the hopes of doing better this year and not making excuses of why I’ve been away for so long. But no pressure, not sure anyone blogs anymore in the age of video content and daily vlogging.

Welcome 2024, even though I feel like the past year took for…freaking…ever – so many ups, some minor downs and everything in between. I picked up a new hobby. I challenged myself. I met some new friends and lost some old ones. I laughed a lot. I loved hard. Cried less. Traveled all over the world.

If you’re here and reading this excuse, hi hello – it’s me again. Thanks for giving me the grace to be the most inconsistent creator to be able to do whatever the hell this blog is. I’ve said it once, twice, and probably seventy more times – I want to do what brings me joy. Typing about my experiences and sharing new things certainly brings me joy. I know from the sounds of it, since I didn’t write for over a year, maybe I’m not a joyous as I claim, but this is totally untrue. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that it takes time to do this sort of thing and I need to set clear habits and routines to stick to something like this. Let’s take a chance and see how far we get?

Here’s to hoping…

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