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Six Things I’m Loving Right Now

Six Things I'm Loving Right Now via

This staying from home life is not really my favorite, (not sure who is a fan, really) but after so many days – I’m getting kinda used to it. I’d rather be safe than sorry after all. In the recent days I’ve been so much more active on Instagram, which is strange because I feel like I’m always on the go. I guess its because I always forget to take that extra image before I put my phone or camera away while I’m out and about. I had a quick minute today to put together a quick post about six things I’m loving right now:

Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm: I did not think that I would have any more room for love for a cleansing balm, yet here we go. I stinkin’ love this stuff! A little goes a long way & it removes everything! And doesn’t leave me with raccoon eyes, thankfully. I’ve been breaking out so badly the past couple weeks, so I stopped using this thinking it was the culprit & thank goodness it was not. It was from the makeup wipes I was using. (Really trying to get away from using those, unless I’m on a plane, which I do not see happening for quite awhile) Elemis was running a special, so I picked it up. They sent me some samples that I’ve slowly been testing out and introducing into my routine. More on those later. BUT they even have this cute, little travel-sized version.

West Elm Sheets: These sheets are heart eyes for days! I honestly think that last time I purchased a pair of nice sheets was in college when I used to work for West Elm. I haven’t been inside the store in quite some time, so when I saw that bedding was 40% off, I decided it was time to go & I’m glad I did. I love to sleep in the cold, with a fan running & constantly chasing the cool side of my pillow – and these sheets offer just that! They’re extremely soft, silky and moisture-wicking. What more could you want? 

Bala Bangles: Lately, I’ve been really into barre work-outs. I signed up for the Pure Barre Challenge, but more on that in another post this week. One of the trendy products making its rounds are these Bala Bangles. They come in 1/2, 1 and 2 pounds. Basically they’re a stylish way to add weights to your wrists and ankles during a workout. They’ve been a staple in my routine, if I can handle it, I’m wearing them! Mine are in the color: nude.

Matching Sweatsuit: I love a good hoodie! And these days, I’ve been living non-stop in this pair from Aerie. They’re absolutely comfortable, and wear well. I got a medium in both the top and bottoms, they do run oversized, but I like the look and feel of them. Here’s the link to the matching sweatpants. Happy Shopping!

Quip Toothbrush: I’ll admit, I used to use electronic toothbrushes, but buying the heads became so expensive. Somewhere along the way, I went back to a normal toothbrush. While I was perusing the aisles of Target, I found the Quip one. There were two types, the plastic one and the metal one – the price difference being $25, I opted for the plastic version. Honestly I think it was the simplicity of the packaging and branding that drew me in. After using it over a month now, I really enjoy it. I’ve gotten in the routine of timing my brushing. It vibrates after a 2 minute timer, which I like to use on both the top and again on the bottom. They have a subscription plan, but I haven’t signed up for that just yet.

Loopy iPhone Case: A case? Me? No, never. I literally never use a case. (Love Apple Care) Well, except when I am going to a concert or out somewhere to take photos. Lets just say when I got this case in the mail, I was underwhelmed. It just seemed like an ordinary case, and felt a bit bulky. I read the instructions where I had to slide the loops down the case instead of up, that helped a little bit. I still wasn’t feeling it. Until I was. Now I can’t take it off, it saves my pinky from being pressed on: every single time! I highly recommend this iPhone case. They also make other brands if you’re not an iPhone user.

Six Things I'm Loving Right Now via

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