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Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog. What’s it been, December since we’ve last caught up? A bunch of you voted on my Instagram that you’d like to see my blog back up and running. Still trying to work out the details of what type of content I want to keep posting – feel free to send me your suggestions. Especially since a ton of people are working from home, now. To be honest, I struggled with what to write here. I’ve typed, deleted and then typed again (times 30342). It’s really hard to know what to say or do right now. Obviously it is not up to me to tell you that this world is in a really weird place, but I’d like to continue keeping it real and normal in my corner of the internet. 

As some of you may know, I’ve worked from home on and off for several years now. My first experience with the WFH life was when I was employed  by Apple. It was my first real taste of having virtual co-workers and realizing that tools like video chats were what kept me going. Flash forward a few years, I’m working for a new company who has completely adapted the remote lifestyle. Actually, it was one of the main perks of wanting to switch jobs in the first place. My days consist of working from home, and in today’s environment – I have to say, “I’m pretty damn lucky!” 

Due to this whole outbreak, I’ve seen a spike in my Instagram and getting texts left and right, where friends have reached out asking simple questions, like how do you get anything done? Everyone and everything is becoming virtual. I’m thankful that my current employer decided to offer this perk and even our gym is jumping on the same bandwagon offering Facebook live classes & creating apps for working out at home. I’ve had the ability to work from coffee shops, restaurants, local parks and even have taken meetings from my car. 

Below are a few tips I’ve compiled just in case you’re in need of inspiration:

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Since you’re likely not commuting, take that time you would have spent driving for yourself. Sleep in that extra twenty minutes. Make yourself that iced coffee you dream about, but neglect to make because you’re always in a hurry. Speaking of hurrying, wear whatever the heck you want to! Who gives a shit?! However, if you’re like me: I prefer to get up and get dressed for the day (even if it is in workout clothes) and throw a little makeup on. In the off chance I get an unscheduled call through Zoom, I’ll be ready to go. Don’t want to look like a complete slob kabob. I guess it’s all about finding what works for you and what makes you feel comfortable. Balance.

Like I said above, gyms offer so much now. I love to put on a routine & do a quick workout before I get my day started. It gives me so much energy and motivation for getting the day started. If you’re not a fan of working out, (I know I certainly wasn’t for a long time) make it a point to walk to your mailbox. Walk down the street just to get some steps in to not be staring at a screen the whole day, if you have to. I like to get up during the day and stretch it out, too. I find that mostly everything now revolves around a screen, so the more I can avoid the eye-strain the better. 

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Do yourself a favor and switch up your desk scenery on occasion while you’re working from home. I have an at-home office that I like to use, but sometimes I like to sit outside on the porch or in the kitchen at the bar. I do have to tell myself that when I work from the kitchen, this isn’t an excuse to eat all of the snacks! I try to keep myself accountable and not reach for food because it’s there. If I do have a hankering,  I reach for the almonds or pickles. One of my favorite snacks on repeat is chopped cucumber and avocado tossed in Everything But the Bagel seasoning, sesame seed oil and soy sauce. To give it a kick, add some sriracha sauce.

Listening to some background noise might help, but a word of advice: don’t flip on the TV to your favorite channel or show. I know if it’s me, I can’t focus on multiple things at once. Even while typing this, I find myself listening to the birds outside and getting lost in thought. If that sounds like you, try putting on Spotify or Apple Music to a soothing music station. A lot of times I put on music without words or switch to the “Chill” station mixes. Something about instrumental music really calms me down.

Hope these little tips have given you a start to a productive and active day! Stay safe, ya’ll! Oh and if you find something works for you that I’ve not mentioned, I’d love to hear your thoughts over on my Instagram!

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