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Ireland Blog Awards: 2016

Oh my goodness! I am completely blown away by ya’ll! Thank you so much to everyone that voted for me in the Ireland Blog Awards. I was nominated, then longlisted, shortlisted and became a finalist this year! I also have to give a huge shoutout to all of my new readers! I couldn’t have succeeded without you – new and old.

After six months of blogging, I managed to win the Bronze Award for Best Lifestyle Blog in Ireland AND the Silver Award for the Best Beauty Blog in Ireland. I really am so excited and it only makes me want to work harder for next years awards!

blog awards beauty lifestyle sarenabee

The night was lovely and I’m happy I attended. I had a best friend and my fiancé by my side, for support! The food, drinks and venue were lovely. Everyone looked amazing. The night was actually quite beautiful – and for once it didn’t rain! And on top of that, I had never been to the Duffy’s Circus, which is one of the longest-established circuses!

I’m so glad my work has paid off and I am doing something that I truly love. A few of my followers have asked for links to my social media platforms, which can be found and followed on the main page my of blog. I am extremely active on Instagram, you can guarantee a response from me if you leave a comment or send a DM. My Twitter is here, which is only new. Give me a tweet and say hello! Snapchat is the same username as well! And lastly my Facebook page can be found here!


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